Welcome to NukemNet

Usage guide

Download NukemNet and extract to any folder on your computer.
Run NukemNet.exe to open the program, you'll arrive at the main #lobby chat IRC channel.

Get your games

Although NukemNet has support for many games, they are not bundled with it,
Meaning you have to download the games from online sources such as GOG/Steam/Zoom-Platform.
NukemNet is not affiliated with any game, and therefore we are not allowed to distribute them.

Configure your games

Once you have obtained the games you want to play, you need to "tell" NukemNet where they are installed.
* In NukemNet, click "Setup" on top
* On the bottom select your game from the select-box (under "Game Setup")
* Use "Locate" to find your game folder, for the game edition you have
(Some Games have more than 1 edition, so make sure you "Locate" the right one).
* Click on the blinking green button "Click to Save".
Do this for all your games. * Once all games are configured, scroll to bottom and click "Save Settings"

Configure DosBox

DosBox is a Dos emulator, allowing you to run dos games on modern systems.
To play dos games with NukemNet, you must first setup DosBox and configure it with NukemNet
* Install DosBox (DosBox-Staging is recommended)
* In NukemNet, Click "Setup"
* Click "Locate" for the dosbox entry, then click to save, and save your settings.

Choose Nick Name

In "Setup", you can assign a name for chatting on NukemNet IRC,
And a different name for the games themselves (shown while playing)

Playing Source-Ports (Modern Game editions without DosBox)

The steps are a bit different for every game, here are a few examples.

Duke Nukem 3D
Most popular source-ports are NetDuke32 and hDuke.
Both of them are free to download in the "Downloads" tab.
To play them, you must copy a file from your original copy of duke3d.
The file name is duke3d.grp, copy it into your NetDuke32 folder, or/and to hDuke folder.
It should work now. configure their paths in NukemNet's "Setup" screen.

Shadow Warrior
Most popular source-port is voidsw, get in "Downloads" tab.
Same step as Duke Nukem 3D, except you need to copy the file sw.grp from your original copy.

How to play on multiplayer

Once you have everything setup on NukemNet, click "Play" on top
Select which game to play using the select box.
Select game edition (executable) using the select box.
In "mode", choose "multiplayer"
Set all the parameters for your game (such as level, episode, players..)
Click "Create", a new IRC chat room will open, congrats, you have created a game room!
Invite your friends to join your room.
Once everyone is inside, click "Start Game", the game will launch for everyone.

Some dos games (such as duke3d) have settings that must be configured before launching the game.
You can do so by clicking "Launch Settings" while in game room, or by clicking "Play" on top, and choose "settings" mode.

You can edit game parameters (level, etc.. ) by clicking "Edit Game" in your game room.


Port Connectivity Issues

To host a game on NukemNet, you must forward your game UDP port (23513 by default).
You can do so in your home router interface, or right within NukemNet.
to use the port-forward feature in NukemNet, click "PortSettings" on top,
Wait for the spinner to finish, then click "Just forward port for me".
It may or may not work depending on your router configuration.
you can click "Check my gameport connectivity" to check if your port os ready.

If you cannot forward your port, no worries! there's still a workaround.
Once you host a multiplayer game room, click "Try Relay Server", then choose the relay with lowest ping.
This will overcome the requirement to port-forward completely, however may/may not add some lag, depending on various situations.

My dos game is launching and closing immediately

When that happens, it usually means you need to setup the dos game sound card using DosBox.
Games such as duke3d have an additional "setup.exe" file to setup various game settings, and sound cards too
You may launch that setup file from dosbox, or using NukemNet.
To launch from NukemNet, click "Launch Settings" while in game room, or click "Play", and choose "settings" mode.
Ensure that your sound card setting works, then the game should start.

NBlood Camera Stutters on Multiplayer

This NBlood bug is rare, but happens on some systems with high refresh rates.
To work around it, Enable VSync anc cap the FPS to 30 or 60.