Welcome to NukemNet
NukemNet is an open source multiplayer game launcher, aimed for retro games, based on IRC
You may join our IRC server either by simply using NukemNet, or connect to our irc server (irc.nukemnet.com) with any compatible IRC client

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NukemNet is brought to you by aaBlueDragon ( Alon Amir - אלון אמיר ), author of a previous multiplayer launcher (Dukonnector).

Credits go to
3DRealms Apogee IDSoftware and others, for making such revolutionary iconic games and engines.

ZNukem for helping me test NukemNet a whole lot, finding bugs, and gave me motivation to come up with a new launcher, during our first dukematch on (7/May/2022), and for the cool welcome sound.

NY00123 For all the years of YANG maintainance (along with Turrican and Striker), another cross-platform multiplayer launcher. also technical consultation about linux support, irc discord bridge.

Snake Plissken For testing with me and ZNukem, having fun matches.

Ergo IRC Team for developing an awesome IRC daemon.

AlinaFK ❤️ for not kicking me in the face for being way too much on my laptop all these months, working on NukemNet.

sudolinux for the logo, and helping me test NukemNet.

THEBaratusII for the top-left logo, and helping me test NukemNet.

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